Budget Favor Idea Paint Chip Flip Book

You get these Free at your hardware store ! And they make a really cute, fun, and cheap DIY for a kids party, business card, wedding, or just a rainy day craft. 

I made these and put them in a little clear bag with crayons for my son's birthday and the adults were fighting over them. 

This DIY takes about 2 -5 minutes per book once you cut your index cards

 This is a pic of the book version with string and a wider paint chip sample. - Also given with water color paints and a small canvas at party. 


Here is the DIY How to Video: https://youtu.be/hYc3G4TjDtY

Here is what  you need: 

Paint Chips : You can Also get them here if you don't feel right raiding your local hardware store. 


https://www.ecospaints.net/free-sample Ruler Scissors String Stapler Index Cards  Visit www.adore-productions.com for more DIY's event ideas and design services.

- music by www.bensound.com