Creatives Are Crafty! Do it Yourself High End Looking Decor and Gifts.

It goes without saying that Do-it-Yourself decor or gifts can go one of two ways. "Pinterest worthy Fail" or "OMG, I actually made that?!"

So in Adore Magazine we aim to make it user friendly and high-end looking. After years of clients coming to me with a wish list of decor ideas for their events or home I have had to get creative. One of the ways I do that is making custom decor to emulate a higher end look for less.

Also as business owners many put everything they have into their business leaving not a lot left for gifts. Here are some fantastic and easy decor items that you can make for yourself or give to friends or family for the holidays.

Here are a couple of my personal favorites.

1) The Do - it- Yourself Geometric Wood Centerpiece or Ornament

Modern design is everywhere. So these ornaments when made in sets of 3, 4, 6, or 8 make fantastic addition to a tree or hanging greenery piece over a table. You can also carry the theme into a centerpiece adn make it larger to set a vase inside of. These retail for $20 - $50 a piece depending on size and you can make the smaller ones for just $1.25 each.

What you need:

*Package of wood dowels - Dollar Tree -2 sizes OR Candy Pop sticks found at Michaels Crafts

( left ornament is pop sticks. Right Ornament is wood)

*Hot glue &hot glue gun (add E6000 for additional bond)

*spray paint

*ornament hooks if using as ornaments

Step 1: Arrange in geometric patterns as shown.

Step 2: Glue together - make sure you hold the items for 10 + seconds and make sure they adhere.

Step 3: paint

Step 4: place votive led candle in center if on table or attach hook to top.

Optional : Attach dried or faux greens to edge on one corner to give more dimension

2) Do - to -Yourself Wood Candle or Flower Lantern Lantern Decor

What you need:

*4 Dollar Tree stretched canvas found in craft area. Shown is 8x10 size. They do come in two sizes. make sure it's the ones with the frame. You can also make this from picture frames.

*E6000 and Hot Glue & Hot Glue Gun

*Foam Board *4 popsicle sticks - (found at Dollar Tree come in bag)

*Small pillar candle holder

*Led Candle

*Faux Greens

*Stain or Paint for Wood - Shown unpainted in photo

Optional : rope to put hanging top or handles on sides

These are great to give in sets for decor impact if doing as a gift.

Step 1: Peel off the stretched Canvas using scissors

Step 2: Glue Frames together (as shown) using hot glue and E6000