Social Events

Make a lasting impression with your elegant social event designed by Kat Minks

Casual Tea

 We will set up the different teas, tea sets and plates, and the sweet and savories. When you are done, we will clean everything up so you don't have to worry about a thing. 

Minimum 15 guests, starting at $18 per person


The teas, tea sets and plates, sweets and savories, lunch of a soup or other entree, floral centerpieces, invitations, linens are included so you can have less stress and more fun with your guests.

Minimum 10 guests, starting at $35 per person

Bridal and Baby Showers

From start to finish we will provide the teas, tea sets and plates, sweets and savories, floral centerpieces, invitations, linens and other decor items desired, and even games if you wish.

Minimum 20 guests, starting at $42 per person

Social Event Details

  • Each party & menu is customizable.  Food is catered. You will approve the menu and be in contract with preferred caterer in addition to our contract separately for services. 

  • Catering upgrade and Bar Catering options available for additional fee. 

  • Photo Backdrop Add on Available for $450

  • Pricing does not include tax and gratuity.​​

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Corporate Events

Put your business or social cause on the map with an event designed, planned and/or styled by Kat Minks. 


Impress clients and make a statement with a professionally planned and designed event. 

Areas we'll discuss while planning include:

1. The Why. The Goal of the Event ? 

2. The Who is this event geared towards? 

3. The How. That's where we draw up the blueprint and execute each detail. 

Pricing for event planning or design of corporate events are based on each client's needs.

Services include:​

  • Event design and blueprint 

  • Menu planning

  • Vendor selection

  • Sponsorship recommendations and procurement

  • Event flow

  • Event marketing structure 

  • Invitation 

  • Venue selection

  • Procurement of staffing for various points such as coat check, check in, set up, etc.

  • Styling and set up of your products in store or in venue

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Image by Avel Chuklanov

Need to Take your Event Virtual ? 

Instead of a Venue you'll need to manage a virtual platform.


You still need to consider the look and feel of the event. What should be discussed and when. How you deliver the message is just as important as doing so. Much planning goes into place to make it beautiful and seamless. 


Working with clients on these types of projects include scripting, timelines, finding sponsors and marketing the event. 


A Show-stopping Event

  • Fashion Shows

  • Fundraisers 

  • Brand Marketing Events

  • Product Launch 

  • Award / Recognition Events 

  • Seminars 

  • Holiday Party

Events Table Set Up

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